Belleview Inn Story

Discover All About Our Historic Hotel in Belleair, FL.

Part 1:

The History

When the Queen Anne-style Victorian hotel first premiered in 1897, she was the kind of Florida Gulf resort hotel the area had never seen. And she would not have been if it weren’t for a Florida railroad magnate by the name of Henry Plant.
Part 2:


If these walls could talk, they’d whisper stories about past presidents wandering these halls, weddings taking place generation after generation within the ballrooms, special anniversary dinners, and more. But alas, walls cannot talk. Luckily, these longtime locals can.
Part 3:

The Project

Before the crumbling Hotel Belleview could be renovated and reborn as Belleview Inn, she needed to be moved to her new foundation. So how do you move a 1,750-ton structure the distance of roughly the length of a football field?
Part 4:

The Hotel Today

Perhaps most exciting are the little nods to hotel’s history that appear around every corner, in the form of restored architecture, re-created rooms, and specially commissioned paintings by master Florida artist Christopher Still.
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